Server Administration

Server Administration

Server administration - a comprehensive service, when the client is fully confident in the performance of the server because its hardware and software will be monitored by the professionals.

It includes setting and monitoring of all types of servers, prompt resolution of emerging issues and problems, as well as increasing the server configuration in accordance with customer needs.

The service saves the customer’s time and money, because the server will certainly run smoothly and will be able to perform all the tasks.

server administration

Server Administration Prices

/ per month
  • Base monitoring
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Individual monitoring
/ per month
  • Base monitoring
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Individual monitoring
/ per month
  • Base monitoring
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Individual monitoring

The Server Administration Service Includes

  • 24/7 server and services monitoring
  • consulting services
  • search of software faults
  • software installation
  • search of hardware faults
  • auditing and verification of safety
  • installation of antivirus and antispam protection (on request)
  • installing of the operating system (on request)
  • operating system and software update
  • backup and restore (on request)

All Pricing Plans Include:

Unlimited bandwidth

Broad channels

Isolation of data from other clients

Different access protocols

Why do you need a server management service?

Development of IT-technologies is so rapid and follow the latest trends is not so easy by yourself, also it requires a lot of time. Rationally spend time on sphere when you are really good, and other tasks delegated to professionals. Server administration service costs not so much, but you get rid of a headache because of the technical problems of your server. As a result, you get the normal functioning server that allows you to keep the project running.
In fact, it involves the implementation of two types of work:
1. Install and configure the server software according to your wishes and needs.
2. Monitoring the state of the server, search for problem areas and their solutions.
Sure. In each case, the customer must inform our managers about the required tasks, and then he will be given information about the cost and timing of the work.
It is necessary to proceed from considerations of stability and critical downtime of your project. If you want to have your server worked without interruption throughout the year, you should pay attention on the most expensive pricing plan. At the same time, we can solve any problem as soon as possible. If you have time to wait a little longer for troubleshooting, and limited range of tasks required by the typical actions, the more pragmatic focus on more affordable pricing plans.
Our specialists work only with Unix operating systems.
First of all, you will find that your server is running smoothly, and if they arise, it is resolved quickly. There are no special control tools, because in its essence server administration service means the performance of routine procedures.
Sure. But do not worry, all our employees are legally obliged not to disclose customer information, and access to it is provided for identifying and solving problems. For example, without this access, our specialists could not fix bugs in the client server.

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